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Louise is available for teaching workshops and tutorials through calligraphy societies and arts organizations in Durango or in other locations. Arrangements are usually made a year in advance and workshops can run from two to five days. For Solarplate classes, access to an etching press is required and classes are limited to 12 students or less, depending on the studio space.


Upcoming Workshops Include:


October 14-15, 2017


San Francisco Center for the Book

San Francisco, California



December 1-3, 2017


Yavapai College

Prescott, Arizona


June 9-10, 2018


Chicago Calligraphy Collective

Chicago, Illinois



July 14-21, 2018


International Lettering and Related Arts Conference

Bellingham, Washington




Workshops from 2015:


January 10-11


Durango Arts Center

Durango, Colorado

For information and to register, contact Education Director Sandra Butler: sandra@durangoarts.org


April 30-May 3


Atelier Wunderlich im Alten Feuerwehrhaus (in the old firestation)

Goldkronach, Germany

For information and to register, contact Andrea Wunderlich: andrea@atelierwunderlich.de


July 25-August 1




Tutorials in Louise’s studio are made by appointment and limited to two students.

























Natural sunlight can be harnessed to create art! In this class, students will learn how to transfer their images to a UV- sensitive Solarplate using the power of the sun. We will begin by preparing an image for exposure onto a Solarplate. Techniques for exposing the plate, preparing paper for printing, inking the plate, and running small editions on an etching press will then be covered.


This versatile process is suitable for almost any kind of image, including words and text. While learning the exposure process, students will be free to experiment with creating a variety of images, from simple to more complex. Any written words or text can be transferred to a plate and then printed out in the correct (readable) orientation. Writing and imagery can be combined. Students can draw or paint or collage their work or use their photographs to print from. We will work with non-toxic, water-based inks to ensure safety for the environment and the participants.


The intent of this class is to teach the very accessible technical aspects of the process in an atmosphere of fun and guided experimentation. Students will complete the class with small editions of their images and an increased understanding of the world of printmaking.


This class is open to all levels. No printmaking experience is necessary.


Note:  The above description is for a two-day class.

                    This class is also available as a five-day class, enabling students to get further into the material.




Taking Our Writing to New Levels of Expression



 We all have a unique personality “imprint” in our own handwriting, whether or not we are experienced calligraphers. In this class we will explore the nature of the marks we make as we write.


Ductus strokes, the individual marks that make up the parts of each letter of the alphabet, are functional as well as beautiful because of their calligraphic lines, shapes, and textures. These marks can be used as pure design elements, serving as background to legible text or standing on their own as abstract calligraphic paintings.


The intent of this workshop is for students to “discover” this unique raw material for creating exciting pieces. We will explore the marks in our writing using monoline tools as well as the traditional tools of the calligrapher. We will progress to more experimental tools and arrange these marks into small dynamic compositions. Each student will be encouraged to try new techniques and to see how this new awareness will fit with her or his own individual style of expression. At the end of the weekend, students will come away with a personal portfolio of their experiments and a new way of seeing writing itself.


Note:  The above description is for a two-day class.

                    This class is also available as a five-day class, enabling students to get further into the material.





In and Out of the Box with Letters and Design



 On a two-dimensional surface such as paper, artists most often work with a square or rectangular format. From the very beginning, we "come in for a landing" onto this shape, circling as we decide where to place our elements. Concurrently, a square or circle placed within the picture plane can be a grounding element for other parts of the composition. This class will explore the following:


                                   - combining text or letter shapes with background or illustration shapes

                                   - considering different energies: the balance between static and dynamic shapes,

                                       formal and informal, feminine and masculine

                                   - breaking out of the box of the page border; breaking into the box of the square

                                   - inquiring about our creative intentions: how we make art and why we make art

                                   - catalyzing excitement for future projects


Our class will be a balancing act of sorts. In a fun and supportive atmosphere, we will free play with our materials and ideas as a way of opening up to seemingly endless possibilities. We will look at letterforms as both text and as design elements. Later, we will harness these energies into page designs that can stand on their own with integrity while remaining unique to each individual who created them.


This course can be a two, three, or five day class.






$600 per day for a two or three day workshop

$500 per day for a week-long workshop

$200 for an evening lecture related to workshop topic

$150 per day for private printmaking tutorials at Western Hands Studio (Durango, Colorado)

Fees adjusted for conference guidelines and special events



To schedule a workshop or tutorial,

please contact Louise at