Louise Grunewald

ETCHINGS: Letters as Emotional Landscape

My working method for the last ten years has been to create a body of work in a chosen medium, taking a specific concept and making a series of finished pieces around it. The works displayed in this show represent two self-initiated “assignments”, each exploring an idea and working out the possibilities and problems it presents. This is a very thorough way of working and leaves me satisfied at the end that I have delved into a project and seen it to completion.


In 2010 I wished to create a companion body of work that would complement and stand with my abstract landscape drawings. The drawings created an environment through words. Using the medium of Solarplate printmaking, I decided to create more such landscapes, each one based on one letter of the alphabet. I am a calligrapher, and the letters of the alphabet present to me endless design possibilities. As with the drawings, I set out to explore what I could make of these letters in a given format. All the images fit onto 4.5” square plates. The original markings were made onto acetate using printer’s ink and various tools. These were exposed onto printing plates in the Solarplate technique to be printed as etchings (intaglio process).  As I worked, I let each letter unfold its emotional content to me and set itself into an abstract “landscape” of shape and form.


Letters as Emotional Landscape:

Solar Etchings