Louise Grunewald


This body of work resulted from a three-year experiment with a concept. In late 2008 I was drawn to making calligraphic marks that suggested imagery from nature, from moving water to towering rock walls, and using dynamic line to suggest natural rhythms. This grew into a series of drawings using graphite, ink, and watercolor, containing hidden words to express my emotional responses to the natural world.


As the project continued, I expanded my experiments to include working on the same idea in a different medium. I began creating abstracted individual letters in a contained format that could be made into Solarplates for printing on my etching press. The title of the works, Kinaesthetics, suggests the actions common to the drawings and prints: gestural, energetic, moving marks which reflect my experience as an illustrator, calligrapher, printmaker, and lover of the out-of doors.

Landscape as (E)motion:


Letters as Emotional Landscape:

Solar Etchings